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Very interesting, I didn't know there was a name for this.

I wonder if the people who shout 'dig dig dig' up in Alaska actually think that it will stop the import of oil.

I personally don't think they are the smartest tools in the shed and most likely unaware that the US actually exports around 42 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

Plus exports .... 2311 thousand barrels of other oil/petroleum based products.

Per day.


At the same time of importing many times that.

A neighbour of mine sold his mineral rights to a gas company, he lives up on a hill. He must not be aware that his (everyone's) well could be affected, that his whole water supply could be wiped out. All for a few dollars.

No matter how the energy is created, enough is never enough.

There is only one answer to stopping this, slowing/stopping down population growth.

The government should not be rewarding irresponsibility, but it is and has been for a long time, always will.


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