Long time residents of Black Diamond, Judy and I love our community and the unique natural beauty and colorful history we have here. Join us in learning more about our history, local wildlife, must do hikes, conservation areas to explore and the opportunities and challenges faced by our community. Craig Goodwin

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Abigail Bailey

My aunt and I have been trying to find fairfax, but every time we get directions of some sort we still can't find it. Can you help us?

Craig Goodwin

Hi Abigail - you will find detailed directions in another of my Fairfax post at http://www.blackdiamondnow.net/black-diamond-now/2012/07/the-ghost-town-of-fairfax-circa-1921.html
Good luck and have fun.

Brianna S

Be careful in this area in hunting season. Hunters have been known to set up stands and camps in this area. Pierce County Parks owns the property, and hunting, camping, or modifying the property (e.g. building a stand) is illegal. A few years ago I found a camp set up inside the pool itself, and a wooden stand built into the trees. Pierce County Parks would love to receive immediate reports if you observe illegal activity in the Fairfax Town Historical Site.

As a general note, most all of the historical property adjacent to this area is private and marked no hunting. A lot of it is also marked no trespassing these days, in large part due to hunters and campers trashing the area. This is unfortunate to those of us interested in following routes up to old town/mining locations in the area.

rosalie danise

I fell in love with Wilkeson and the surrounding area.I love the history and pictures that are posted.Being from Ct. I had never seen logging trucks or the wonderful parade and rail car races I was able to attend.Having walked all over town I walked to the park by the arch exit to await my ride back to Buckley. The next morning I realized I had lost my camera. I asked my daughter to take me back to the bench where I was sitting, praying my camera was still there, it wasn't but there was a note If I was looking for my camera it was at the firehouse! We did come to the Eagles dinner before I returned home. I often look at my pictures and long to return to see God' beautiful handiwork one more time

rosalie danise

not sure what URL is sorry

Craig Goodwin

I am so sorry to hear of your lost camera. Hopefully it turn up one of these days soon.

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