Long time residents of Black Diamond, Judy and I love our community and the unique natural beauty and colorful history we have here. Join us in learning more about our history, local wildlife, must do hikes, conservation areas to explore and the opportunities and challenges faced by our community. Craig Goodwin

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Jack Sperry

Paragraph 7.2.5 of the Villages and Lawson Hills Development Agreements requires water usage that averages 10% less than the 187 gallons per day (GPD) that was the City ERU use standard at the time of DA approval. Yarrow Bay will be required to achieve an average water consumption rate of 168.3 GPD for their ERUs. If Yarrow Bay builds over 6,000 dwelling units at a 168.3 GPD usage rate and all other current and future usage is at 187 GPD, the two Tacoma contracts alone would provide capacity for more than 12,400 homes. This is all in addition to the City springs water system which currently exceeds the current demand.


That's a more recent bridge. Notice the structure is different. The mine bridge is not a suspension bridge, and it's lower.

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