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Michael Merz

I was curious so I clicked on the Wikipedia link for Shingle Weavers. I don't know how to edit that but found you. Maybe you know how to do it. I am one of the last Shingle Weavers left alive. I say this because the term Shingle Weaver was closely guarded by the union. It was not a term used for anyone working in a non union mill. They had other names for them but nobody called them Shingle Weavers. The last union mill on the west coast was located in Kalama, Washington. I was there when it went out of business in 1986. To the best of my knowledge there are less than a dozen of us left. Most of the guys who worked there were old timers and have long since passed away. It isn't a big deal to me but I remember it was a big deal to the old timers as to who was and who was not a Shingle Weaver. Mike

Craig Goodwin

Thank you Mike. Great to hear from you. Amazing skills required to be both fast and safe. Doesn't appear to be much cedar left in U.S. forests - most comes from Canada these days.

Rick Huling

The Carbon River Shingle Co. pictured above was owned and operated by my grandfather, Harry Huling and his brother Roy from 1924 to 1934. This was far before my time, but I have heard the stories. The family later operated a shingle mill near Forks where I grew up in the 1950s and saw the operation first hand. Speaking of hand, most of my uncles, but not my grandfather, were missing digits. The mill was sold in 1968.

Craig Goodwin

Thanks Rick!

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