Long time residents of Black Diamond, Judy and I love our community and the unique natural beauty and colorful history we have here. Join us in learning more about our history, local wildlife, must do hikes, conservation areas to explore and the opportunities and challenges faced by our community. Craig Goodwin

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Kevin Barrows

Looking at Google Earth this looks like the bridge east of Lester at 47d 12' 48.57"N 121d 25"59.82"W. The picture does not show the complete bridge but when comparing to Google Earth it appears the picture is taken looking north from the south ridge line, now both side covered with trees. The river channel appears to have move 1 sub-span south from the vintage photo. Measuring the bridge on Google Earth I come up with 1120' which is very close to the description above.

Craig Goodwin

Thanks Kevin. Most helpful!

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