Long time residents of Black Diamond, Judy and I love our community and the unique natural beauty and colorful history we have here. Join us in learning more about our history, local wildlife, must do hikes, conservation areas to explore and the opportunities and challenges faced by our community. Craig Goodwin

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That first structure looks a lot like a railroad station.

Craig Goodwin

Thanks David. It does look similar to a railroad station, but not here. This was a very fancy estate home that is now on it's last legs. Had to be one of the bigger mansions around. The second photo shown was located within about 50 feet and may have been used to house farm workers. No railroad in sight.

Judith A Tegen

The photos are of the Louis and Marie Gonter (parents larger home last occupied in 1959) and George L and Dolores Gonter (son, wife and family home last occupied in 1974). Workers housing is found in the field to the south. Property was owned by the family until 2007. I am their great granddaughter and granddaughter respectively.

Craig Goodwin

Thank you for sharing Judith. Such beautiful land.

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