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Bill Kombol

Craig - The one reason I doubt this is Ravensdale Lake is that the rail tracks show a distinct turn to the left as they pass this lake. There is no such turn in the BNRR tracks as they pass Ravensdale Lake.

Craig Goodwin

You may be right Bill. However, according to White River Valley Museum, Ravensdale Lake is the only lake the Palmer Cutoff goes past on it's journey to Kanaskat.


Craig - You bring up an excellent point about the only lake. Maybe the original 1910 tracks went more through the mining area which would result in needed turn to the left if this photo is looking west. Also, the mound to the right of the tracks (in front of the home) is no longer there and maybe it was removed when the tracks were relocated to where they are now. The skyline above the timber sure looks like the current skyline above Ravensdale Lake. I withdraw my previous doubt. Good story.

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