Long time residents of Black Diamond, Judy and I love our community and the unique natural beauty and colorful history we have here. Join us in learning more about our history, local wildlife, must do hikes, conservation areas to explore and the opportunities and challenges faced by our community. Craig Goodwin

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I miss fishing Lake Sawyer. I use to fish at Sunrise Resort, and let me tell you, there are some massive Bass in there! My biggest Largemouth from llLake Sawyer was 9lbs, I was being lazy that day and caught it on 2 nightcrawlers next to the lily pad patch. I did however, release her back into the lake to fight another day. This was about 15 years ago! Another person caught a Smallmouth around 7lbs. That lake also produces some BIG triploid trout! Hopefully someday I can take my wife there to fish.

Craig Goodwin

Thanks for sharing Ty!

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